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I want to get more personal with some of my blogs. I used to consider myself a decent creative writer and it was something that would come very natural to me. However, when you take three years off, your voice doesn't sound as smooth, words don't come as easy, and your flow is just down right choppy. BUT you gotta start somewhere, right?

Let me start by saying portrait sessions like the following are something I realllllly enjoy doing. Like "drive 2 hours South to Bloomington to sweat to death while also getting eaten alive by mosquitos" enjoy. I'd like to think that creative portraits are where my photography began. I grabbed my crop sensor camera body + 50mm and a friend, and took off to any decent location I could find. I had a vision in my mind that I needed to capture. The end result, of course, didn't always embody what I had set out to do in the first place; but I fell in Love with the process of creating. Figuring out what angles accentuate the face the best, how to shoot in different lighting situations, what colors I favored, how to bring out skin tones, etc. Pretty much everything I now know started with simple portraits.

No matter how busy I am now or what market I want to aim towards, I will never stop creepily messaging instagram models or real actual models & asking them to get in front of my camera. Stuff like this needs to be seen. Eye's like this need to be appreciated. And beauty needs to be taken for exactly what it is.

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