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Katelyn & Dakota

In the beginning I thought anyone could be a photographer if they bought an expensive camera & editing software. I used to beat myself up over the fact that I was entering into an oversaturated market with absolutely no experience, schooling, or knowledge to set myself apart from others.. I put myself into one of those nice, little boxes society likes to create. The box of women who pick up a camera and claim to be a professional. (FYI this box doesn't exist). It wasn't until a couple of months into free shoots and the purchase of a 50 mm lens I realized I might be onto something. Sure, I sucked, but I sucked with purpose and excitement. People kept telling me I was talented, Stefan kept telling me I was "the shit" as he often does in regards to pretty much anything, and most importantly, I got rid of my skepticism and negative mentality and got used to wearing my heart on my sleeve. Actually, I rocked the heart on your sleeve look all the way to booking my first weddings, newborn sessions, and other facets of this gig that have taken me out of my comfort zone. So I guess I'm here to tell you that I no longer believe anyone with an extra 3K to drop on a Canon 5D Mark IV can become a "photographer". It is ALOT ALOT ALOT of hard work that probably only Stefan sees. It is learning to manage a small business. It is having quality content to post on facebook, Instagram, and your website at all times. It is growing your skill and reaching out to models, other photographers, vendors, or anyone that can help you in your endeavors. It is meeting new people every single day and hoping they like you, your Tevas, and awkward sense of humor enough to work with you. It is realizing that there are people out there who probably won't support you even though they ought to. It is the small victories like being able to support yourself financially and save up enough for a car. But most importantly it is your eye for composition and ultimately, what you can do with a camera in your hand.

I'm really not sure where all of this is coming from, definitely not from someone who thinks they have it all figured out, because boyyyy do I have a lot to learn and a long ways to go before I am satisfied with my work. But perhaps this will inspire someone, annoy someone, or if I'm really lucky, resonate with someone.

Here's one of my favorite's, Katelyn & Dakota, and they pretty much speak for themselves. (heart eyes emoji)

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