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Ash & Aaron

Slowly, but surely my favorite part of engagement photography is becoming the conversation. Clients turn into friends rather than customers & it makes my introverted heart so happy. I think being able to communicate and genuinely get along with my brides/grooms is INCREDIBLY important. I had a meeting this week with a soon-to-be boho bride and we totally agreed on the subject. On your wedding day, I have to be in your face with a camera for 8 hours, or telling you to be here or there and to look like this or that. We should probably be friends before the whole ordeal. Like these two, they won me over with their puppy, and good looks, and charisma, and obvious Love for one another.

I love this job, but I love the people more. And I realllllly can't wait to be apart of Ashleigh & Aaron's wedding day coming up in a few short weeks.

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