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Ciara & Tanner

The Dunes are one of the few places that make you feel like you aren't in Indiana; until you look to the West and see the Chicago skyline or to the East and see the thick smoke bellowing from the Michigan City plants along the coast. All in all, the diverse landscape of the dunes is one that I appreciate greatly after relying on the scenery of Central Indiana for a majority of my shoots. I can never recommend traveling an hour or two for your engagement session enough. I have a boat load of suggestions and recommendations on locations that make you feel like you've escaped the Midwest for a bit!

I was so so excited for this engagement session with Ciara and Tanner. Ciara is a fashion blogger and I knew she would have the perfect outfits planned. Naturally, we found each other through Insta, but they were even sweeter than I could have imagined & playing around in the sand and in the waves as the October sun set across the skyline was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

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