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Guided Mentorships

I don't think I've ever been nervous about anything related to my photography business until today; today I am nervous. Partly because this is something I've been cookin' up for a while & partly because nothing puts us outside of our comfort zone more than taking steps forward when you've been so complacent for so long.

But here I go.

Let me preface with this, it is no secret that the photography industry is a saturated one. Every day I see new photography pages popping up on social media. Just yesterday on my Facebook feed there was a woman looking for a family photographer and I shit you not, there were 76 comments with 76 different recommendations.

Over the past year I've seen lots of photographers take advantage of this growing industry in the smartest ways possible. Destination and online workshops are being announced daily and mentorships are offered by plenty of talented influencers.

Let me also clarify, I ain't mad.

I love seeing groups of women come together and work magic. I love seeing that silly little term " community over competition" in action. I love it so much I decided a while ago that I wanted to do something similar one day, I just had to figure out how. Thus AC Made - Guided Mentorships was born.

My definition of mentorship is more than an hour long Q&A session or chat over coffee. To me, a mentor is someone who commits to you and your endeavors. It's someone who lifts you up. It's someone who is willing to answer the questions we should never have to figure out on our own (fun fact: I legitimately didn't know what it meant to shoot in RAW for almost half a year). It's someone who keeps inspiring you even when the dazzle seems to fade. It's me holding you accountable for the little things necessary to push your business to the next level. That's what I have decided to offer a limited number of my peers and beginning photographers this Spring & I am so passionate about it.

The structure of my Guided Mentorship is a bit different than the norm. For an entire month we will have weekly check- ins over phone calls or coffee to cover the topics listed below as in depth or as briefly as necessary to meet your business needs.

My hope is that this will allow me to share all of the knowledge I've gained in the past years, and continue to gain every single day. I remember feeling desperate for answers or opportunities & I was left to figure it out on my own. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the business side of things after I decided to go full time. There's just so much to it all, and the saying really does ring true, " you don't know, what you don't know."


  • Branding

  • Editing in Lightroom

  • Finding your Style

  • Website & Design

  • Social Media - How to gain a following

  • Gear

  • Camera Settings - ISO? SOS

  • Emails & Inquiries

  • Packages & Pricing - What are you worth?

  • Deposits & Contracts

  • Posing & Session Flow - What the hell to do once your clients are standing in front of you

  • Workflow

  • Image Delivery


  • Weekly check-ins - via phone or coffee dates

  • Business headshot & lifestyle shoot for branding

  • One styled shoot

  • Second shooting opportunities

  • Friendship (optional)

If you're interested in setting up a Guided Mentorship please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email or through my contact page! So so looking forward to meeting you & learning about your business!

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